Pet Health & Wellness Care

pet wellness careThe veterinarians at Lucerne Veterinary Hospital understand pet care. They know that keeping pets healthy is superior to treating pets after they are sick. Sick pets experience pain and sustain damage to their systems that reduces longevity and harms overall wellbeing. Our focus on wellness is based on a philosophy of compassion, humane treatment, and responsibility to pets and their owners.

Pet Health Care Through Each Stage of Life

Pets can’t tell us about uncomfortable health problems, making a yearly physical exam especially important.

One “dog year” is equivalent to approximately seven human years; therefore, a yearly physical for pets is like you visiting your doctor only once every seven years!

Parasite testing and prevention, periodic immunizations, and a thorough general health check should be done every year, or more often for older pets and those with chronic medical conditions.

Planning for Health with Preventive Care

Preventive care recommendations differ for individual pets: lifestyle and associated risk factors, concurrent disease states, and philosophy of the pet owner all contribute to determining the best recommendations. We develop a health care plan tailored to the needs of each individual pet, evaluated and adjusted at every wellness visit.

For our general recommendations, we offer an overview of preventive care. Learn more about our approach to prevention regarding immunizations, parasites, and tick disease.

Physical exams, routine pet dental care, and laboratory tests are important to every dog and cat at every stage of life. Our staff supports you in your efforts to provide the best health and wellness care available for your animal companions.

Microchipping Keeps Pets Safe

Keeping pets safe is a challenge, but microchipping helps identify pets that get lost anywhere in the country. Lucerne Veterinary Hospital uses the ResQ microchip system, which is compatible with all international scanners.

Learn more about ResQ microchips.

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