Personalized Pet Vaccination Plans

pet immunizationsImmunizing your pets protects them against the most dangerous, deadly, and contagious diseases. Lucerne Veterinary Hospital offers vaccines for dogs and cats, tailoring each disease prevention plan to the patient’s specific need.

Pet Vaccinations for Disease Prevention

Vaccine recommendations differ for individual pets during each stage of life. Family lifestyle and risk factors, the presence of any disease or condition, and philosophy of the pet owner influence our recommendations.

At each wellness visit, we assess pet health and develop a preventive care plan tailored to the needs of each individual dog and cat. Our general recommendations for immunizing dogs and cats, including an overview of core and non-core vaccines, can be found here:

A comprehensive physical exam, laboratory testing, and pet owner observations contribute greatly to our recommendations for the health care plan. Learn more about parasite prevention and tick disease in your pets.

Contact our hospital to schedule a wellness exam for your dog or cat.

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