Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

in-house laboratoryAn in-house veterinary laboratory is more than a convenience. Today’s veterinarians count on the prompt results from their labs to initiate effective treatments in a timely fashion, for optimum pet health care. Lucerne Veterinary Hospital houses a state-of-the-art veterinary laboratory for our patient diagnostic and monitoring needs.

Why Does My Pet Need Routine Laboratory Tests?

We know lab testing is important when our pets are sick or requiring monitoring for a specific condition. However, routine laboratory tests have far-reaching benefits to pets. Laboratory testing at each wellness visit (particularly after a certain age, which may vary depending on species and breed) allows our veterinarians to evaluate pet health and identify developing health problems, before they grow into serious illness.

It is a good idea to perform baseline tests on your pet to establish a healthy norm. We can then compare subsequent test results to that baseline as a sort of early warning system, giving us clues to a developing problem long before any symptoms appear. Due to the comparatively short life of a dog or cat, health can change rapidly in a short period of time. These annual tests go a long way toward preventing disease and extending life through early diagnosis.

Diagnostic Laboratory Tests

Many diagnostic laboratory tests are performed here at the hospital with immediate results:

Some of these tests are requested at the annual wellness visits. For senior pets, additional or more frequent testing should be considered to screen for disease. Tests that need to be sent to reference labs are shipped daily, generally with very rapid turnaround time.

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