Veterinary Internal Medicine: Diagnosis & Treatment of Nonsurgical Diseases

internal medicineInternal medicine is the branch of veterinary medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of nonsurgical diseases. Lucerne Veterinary Hospital offers years of experience and skill in the treatment of diseases and conditions in dogs and cats.

Caring for Sick Pets

Internal medicine can involve the brain, muscles and joints, heart and lungs, organs of the abdominal cavity, or the endocrine (hormone) system. Other facets of internal medicine include skin care and allergy treatment and conditions or diseases in the eye.

Our veterinarians pay attention to every detail, allowing time to spend gathering information that leads to an accurate and speedy diagnosis. Once the source of a problem is identified, an appropriate treatment plan is designed to restore your companion to comfort and health.

Very sick patients may benefit from critical care in our intensive care unit. Our hospital is equipped for the most complex medical challenges, offering the finest treatment from a skilled and nurturing team.

Our commitment: we treat every patient as we would want our own pets treated.

In-House Veterinary Diagnostics

A thorough history and complete physical exam help to guide us in treating your pets. We may order in-house testing from our diagnostic laboratory or imaging department. Diagnostic endoscopy is also available to benefit our patients and can be combined with minimally invasive surgical procedures for the most advanced treatment options.

A Focus on Quality

Dr. Monk has a strong interest in internal medicine. She has been focusing on this area of practice for several years and offers her expertise and compassionate approach to every sick patient.

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