Managing Pet Pain at End of Life

pet end-of-life careWhen the end of a pet’s life is near, we offer veterinary services designed to keep our patients comfortable, calm, and happy. Lucerne Veterinary Hospital provides compassionate palliative care and humane euthanasia services for dogs and cats.

Compassionate Pet Pain Management

Palliative care at end of life is a compassionate, humane approach to treating your special pets. When curative treatments are no longer appropriate or effective, palliative care provides comfort and maintains quality of life. We manage pain through a variety of drug therapies and supportive treatments. Our goal is to block discomfort in advance, predicting the pain response and providing treatment before it becomes out of control.

Palliative care is tailored to the specific needs of each patient. Often, pharmaceutical and other supportive therapies are used in combination for the best possible response. Available treatments include pain medications, infection control, GI support medications, anti-anxiety measures, surgical procedures, nutritional support and supplements, and rehabilitation and laser therapy.

Respect & Compassion

Our end-of-life services are steeped in respect for our patients and their families, guided by our love for all animal companions.

We always provide you with information about every possible treatment option, explaining the benefits, disadvantages, and likely outcomes with a focus on quality of life for our patients. We guide you through this process, and help you choose the most appropriate and humane path for your canine and feline family members.

When euthanasia is the best option, you choose the right approach for you: stay with your pet, or trust us to provide comfort and compassion until the end. We also work with you to arrange compassionate, reliable cremation services in the Bangor area.

Resources for Pet Owners

To support our pet owners at the end of a pet’s life, we offer a variety of resources such as our pet loss library and an online memorial. The library offers articles about pet loss and managing the grief process; our online memorial allows your family to pay tribute to your beloved companion.

When you need a vet for compassionate care at any life stage, contact Lucerne Veterinary Hospital.

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