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Poisons in our Pantries: Common household foods you didn’t know could harm your pet

Chart of poisons for dogs.

We all know that chocolate is toxic to our furry companions, but did you know that something as seemingly harmless as a raisin or even a stick of gum can be deadly? Read on to discover more household foods which, while are enjoyed by humans safely, may pose a real threat to our feline and canine companions.


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Halloween Safety

Three puppies wearing Halloween costumes with a pumpkin bucket filled with treats.

After an evening of trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, your child’s cheeks are rosy from the chilly autumn air as he tosses aside his cowboy hat in favor of a bag overflowing with hard-earned treats. Several hours later, Buddy, the normally happy family Labrador Retriever, is groaning in the corner, surrounded by candy wrappers and several piles of vomit, having fallen prey to his sweet tooth.

This year, as you and your children don your costumes and gather candy from around the neighborhood, don’t forget that another member of the family may be up to some mischief as well. Halloween is a common time for our pets to be exposed to potentially harmful foods.

Some potential dangers in the Halloween goodie bag include:


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